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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


To me, there is nothing more unattractive than too much... whether it be showing too much skin, wearing too much makeup, or simply running too much at the mouth.  

One woman in particular has managed to accomplish all 3 over the past two decades... and has made quite a career out of doing so.  But now, it's 2009 and she's beginning to look more than a little strange to everyone, including those who were once diehard fans (for the record, that was never me).

Madonna is now 50 years old.  Truth be told, when I think of a 50 year old woman, I think of Oprah, my mom, my friend's moms and so on.  It's not that I don't view these ladies as sexy or beautiful... I absolutely do... I just see them as a little more "under the radar" with it, and that's what makes them so wonderful.  They're not in-your-face about how hot they are - they just kind of have that quiet confidence; that "something special" just beneath the surface.

If you've been keeping up with the blogs, you've probably have heard about Madonna's quickie divorce from her husband of 8 or 9 years, Guy Ritchie. Now, she's making out in the March issue of W Magazine with her new rumored boy-toy Jesus Luz. Jesus' mother is 3 years younger than Madonna.  And, yes, he is just as you'd expect - painfully attractive... and 22. 

I just can't seem to fathom why a recently divorced, 50-year-old mother of 3, would do something quite so insensitive to her children.
(No one is naked, but you probably won't want to click on this link if you're at work)

This same song and dance was disturbing back in the 80s when she was childless and unmarried... but now, I mean, it's just flat out cruel to the little ones who look up to her... especially her pre-teen daughter, Lourdes.  

Had my mother never been divorced, perhaps I would be in no position to judge.  But she was single for nearly 10 years before she met my stepfather.  And she never - and I mean NEVER - brought guys over to the house, hung all over them or showed any sort of sexual neediness at all around me.  I mean, as far as I was concerned, my mom was just a really cool lady who loved me a lot and made me clean my room - not some vampish, slutty sexpot.  If my mom did go out, she'd reserve her "date nights" for nights when I was with my father.  She kept her personal life and our home life very much separate. 

I think this is why it is oh-so-disturbing to me to see Madonna, a woman who clearly lacks any respect for herself and the feelings and well being of her children, to be rolling around in bed with a half-naked man-child for a bit of advertising money.  This woman is a billionaire. Aside from adopting children from 3rd world countries, why couldn't she do something a bit more constructive with her time other than whoring herself out for publicity?  She looks desperate... not to mention completely and utterly pathetic. 

Madonna, your shtick was "edgy" and "controversial" back in 1987... but it's time to grow up now and act like a lady.  That means putting your damn clothes back on, taking responsibility and actually being a role model to your kids for once. 

You owe it to them. 

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