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Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is really hard for me to sit down and write about but I think (know) that it will be therapeutic for me to do so.

This past Wednesday, I lost a friend. She was beautiful, intelligent and had a heart of gold. She loved my daughter and pretty much everyone she came in contact with. Her name was Genie. I met Genie back in 2006. She was full of life and love. We became fast friends. When I looked into her eyes I could see a pure and gentle soul.

Genie fell ill a while back. She was young at heart but her body started to give. The past few months she slowly started to deteriorate. Everything humanly possible was done to turn her health around but there was obviously something bigger than medicine that was pulling her away from us. Her last days were spent in confinement surrounded by people that loved her. Round the clock care was given to her until she finally let go of this life on Wednesday around 9:00 am.

I arrived five minutes too late to say my last goodbye.

Genie was a dolphin. She, in this life, was able to provide people from all around the world once in a lifetime experiences, lasting memories and for me, a friendship and unconditional love that was without parallel. It is hard to explain unless you are an animal lover.

Genie will live on in her son Alfonz and her grandson Leo who are still here with us at work.

In her final moment she was being held by the people that loved her the most.

In memory of Genie. One of the greatest women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing

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