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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


An instant message convo between my cousin Jim and I. It was so amusing I just had to share...

fitz: tonight i'm watching "emma"
fitz: i have a girl crush on jane austen book-based-films
Corsi: why?
fitz: i don't know
fitz: i saw some jane austen movie with anne hathaway and i was like
fitz: hmmm... i should probably rent some of those movies
fitz: b/c i never read any of her novels
fitz: in college or in high school
fitz: after this one i'm going to be renting pride and prejudice
Cors: are you getting them all from itunes?
fitz: no, my mom got me a gift card to family video
fitz: family video is such a kick in the teeth
Corsi: why?
fitz: the name
fitz: they should change it to "spinster video"
Corsi: i get pizza from a place called "a girlfriend who loves you"
Corsi: and i really like pizza...
fitz: that's not the name of it
Corsi: no, its really called La Morra...but you get my point
fitz: la morra is italian for the morra
fitz: i just looked it up
Corsi: i have no response for that
fitz: i just thought it would've been funny if la morra in italian meant "the girlfriend"
Corsi: lol
Corsi: THAT would be a kick in the teeth
fitz: Worry if you order pizza from a place called "Pizza L'Amica"
fitzieg: that means "Pizza the Girlfriend"
Corsi: what's italian for "hang myself in the closet after eating pizza?"
fitz: appenda nell'armadio dopo il cibo della pizza
Corsi: good. so i shouldn't go there
fitz: right.
Corsi: lucky you told me...there is one next to papa johns by me
Corsi: could never figure out why it was always empty
fitz: ha ha
fitz: ba-dum-dum
fitz: ching
Corsi: wow, rimshot over IM...impressive
fitz: i work in radio
fitz: i have skills in sound effect phonentic spellings
fitz: even though i misspelled phonetic
Corsi: the key is to spell it out in your
fitz: no that's not right
fitz: foe-net-tick-lee
Corsi: that's just stupid
fitz: stoo-ped
fitz: no
fitz: stew-ped
Corsi: LOL
fitz: all you have to do is just write like you're an "LOL cat"
Corsi: lord...
fitz: i's all up in ur compewtur spelin' foe-net-tick-lee
Corsi: thanks a lot...
Corsi: the brainpower it too me to decode that, i forgot how to do math
Corsi: see, i can barely type now
Corsi: i can't remember what letter comes between j and l...
fitz: K
fitz: wait.
fitz: yeah, k

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