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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Otherwise known as Shy Bladder Syndrome, SBS is a real thing. Yeah...I had no idea either. I had no idea until I went to take a drug test for my employer on Monday.

I started back to work at the Dolphin facility I use to work at before I had Reagan. So, I guzzled down some juice and water in the morning, knowing I had to go during my lunch, and when I arrived there I did my thing and was all ready to leave when...

"That's not enough", said the woman with the rubber gloves. Apparently I needed to fill up the glass halfway and because I didn't, had to sit there until I could. I couldn't leave and come back, that would be considered a fail, I couldn't even leave the woman's sight. God forbid I'd have someone else's pee stashed in my car and would use it. Ridiculous I know.

So I had to call work, say I would be late and sit in a small room with one other SBS sufferer and chug 40 ounces of water and wait 45 minutes to try again. To top it off, there was zero cell phone reception where I was so I had to press my face up against the window and tilt my head just right to take Marie's call so I could inform her of my new found condition. SBS.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of waiting and mass amounts of H20 consumption I went. I went and then had to continue going for the next two hours because of all the damn water I had drank.

I went back to work and word had gotten around...everyone knew I had SBS. And just in case they didn't, it was stated on my drug test form.

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