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Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was asking myself that today as I was driving to the florist to pick up an arrangement for the funeral of a man I don't even know. My mother's co-worker passed away and she asked if I would pick up the flowers and drop them off at the funeral home.

Of course I said yes and on the drive down I started to get emotional. Emotional over someone I don't even know. Almost tearing up, I stopped myself and said, "What is wrong with you Aislyn?" I continued driving, trying to figure out why this was getting to me.

Then I realized it, the thought smacked me right in the face. There is NOTHING wrong with me. In fact, I am perfectly fine. Perfectly human. I have always been the person that saved a ladybug, helped a handicapped person by holding a door, rushed some animal the cat drug in to the vet.

So, of course something like this would affect me in some way. I appreciate life, all life, and for that I am blessed. I say thank you at the grocery store, I stop in the middle of the road to put five bucks in the volunteer EMS boot, I put change in the Cancer jars at the gas station. There's nothing wrong with me, there just aren't a whole lot of people that think the way I do. And that's OK.

I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, I guard it carefully and sometimes come across as being harsh or unapproachable, but that comes from years of surrounding myself with people that always wanted something in return.

So, I am sane, there's nothing wrong with me...well nothing serious. HA!

This post is in memory of Frank the Postal Worker.
He's up there in that big post office in the sky, delivering all the letters people wrote to God.

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