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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today I feel like the Bee Girl.

Come to think of it, most days I feel like the Bee Girl. Except, of course, when I'm around my co-blogger Aislyn or pretty much anyone from work, for that matter.

If you're too young to remember, or too old to care.... in 1993, a bunch of neo-hippie rockers who referred to themselves as "Blind Melon," had their first (and only) big hit, "No Rain." And with it, came a music-video-cum-cult-classic.

The video begins with a pudgy, pre-teen girl dressed as a disheveled bee involved in some sort of makeshift tap routine. When the audience begins to erupt in laughter at her performance, she breaks down in tears and runs off the stage.

She then begins to run through town performing her little jig for anyone with a pulse. Eventually she realizes that no one really gives a hoot. However, right when she's about to give up hope, she peers through a large gate to find a few handfuls of "Bee People" just like her... dancing and frolicking in the middle of an open field. Bee Girl comences joining in the fun and is visibly overjoyed to have found her welcoming niche in an otherwise unfriendly and detatched society.

When I say I feel like the Bee Girl, I certainly don't mean I'm running around in a goofy bee outfit busting moves like a chump. But the whole not fitting in aspect? Yeah. I can relate to that.

In fact, I think everyone has a "Bee Complex" to some extent. Whether you're hanging around the family of your new significant other, dining with a group of individuals with whom you have virtually nothing in common, cracking jokes that no one laughs at, or just travelling on an airplane with a bunch of strangers... there's obviously something within all of us that makes us feel a little on the outside - especially when it seems like there's no common ground anywhere in sight.

So... if you'd ask me if I'd rather be the Bee Girl or the audience that laughs at the Bee Girl, what would I say?

Well, the Bee Girl, naturally.

Why be the audience... when you can just bee yourself?

Blind Melon name and image are copyrighted property of EMI/Capitol Records.

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