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Monday, July 28, 2008


When I was little I would see a rainbow and wonder, "is there really a pot of gold out there somewhere?" As I grew older the thought of pots of gold and little men dressed in green faded from my thought process. Life went on and I grew wise. It was fun to imagine all of those tales we were told when younger. Tooth fairies, Easter bunnies, and of course Santa Claus.

Was it more fun to live in a world where anything was possible? Sure, but there comes a point (for me it was at age 7) when you see your parents eating the cookies you'd left for santa or waking up in mid-tooth fairy money exchange and your dreams are crushed.

OK...on to the point now.

My husband has formed a severe fascination with gold. Not investing in companies that sell or make gold. Actual gold doubloons, bars and bullion's. In the coming weeks we will be receiving a shipment of gold and silver. I feel like I've stepped into some parallel world where I should be dressed like a ship wench and my husband should have a parrot on his shoulder. Sure, it's a good, solid investment for our future. If the economy ever fails so horribly that we need to regress into ancient forms of trade, than we'll be set.

I credit his awkward behavior to the fact that he recently quit using tobacco all together and he is filling the void with gold.

Who knows? Maybe I am the one who is not thinking rationally? After all, we do live on an island, he is the captain of a ship and we do have a treasure chest. Well, more of a safety deposit box, but that could be seen as a modern day version of the treasure chest.

I guess dreams really do come true. Only I found my pot of gold at the end of a short, handsome, obsessive and nic-fitting man who may or may not get too much sun on a daily basis.

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Marie said...

ha ha ha ha!!

i was soooo waiting for this post!