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Saturday, July 26, 2008


It is humorous to me that we can send people to the moon but we cannot accurately determine the origin of tainted foods. For weeks now we have been hearing how the tomato was to blame for over 1,200 cases of salmonella.


Mexico has been harboring the real criminal. The Jalapeno. All you seekers of the spice be warned. Ask your local grocer before purchasing fresh Jalapenos to see where they came from.

"Mexico has one of the best cuisines in the world. In the United States they don't understand, they have hamburgers and hot dogs. That's not a tradition, that's just junk," said Pedro Garcia while slathering salsa on to fried tacos at a busy street stall in Mexico City.

Mexico's ancient Aztec royalty favored drinks of chile and chocolate and Mayans tried to cure everything from dysentery, to asthma to vertigo with spicy powders.

"In the United States, they have weak stomachs, everything makes them sick," said Garcia, 46, a school administrator.

Yes sir Mr. Garcia. Our stomachs are obviously so weak that we can't stand something as innocent as salmonella.

Keep slathering your salmonella-clad salsa on your fried tacos and hope your indoor plumbing is working in about ten hours when your intestines are trying to escape from your ass.


Quote from Mr. Garcia courtesy of Reuters

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