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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, I know that more than just women read this blog, but since I'm a woman, I need to share my excitement for some newly discovered makeup products.  

First, let's begin with .  I first discovered Makeup Alley during a lull at work about 1 year ago. At first, I was a little wary, just because the website itself looks semi-hokey and kinda thrown together. However, I have since discovered that this site is, in fact, the best kept, beauty-website secret in all the World Wide Web.  

The only catch is, you have to sign up before you can review any products, but it's not a big deal because membership is free and they won't send you any annoying emails/newsletters.  Once you have a username, you can browse thousands of product reviews... and review some of your own.  You can see which products are the most popular right now .... and can even swap makeup with other users, which freaks me out a little bit, but whatever.   There are even codes people use to describe their favorite products in reviews (i.e. when someone says "My new HG" it means, "My new Holy Grail"). 

Here are two drugstore products I recently discovered on that I believe would be good for everyone.  I tried them out myself, so I can give my stamp of approval.

#1:  THE BEST DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION EVER FOR PRETTY MUCH ALL SKIN TYPES IS REVLON COLORSTAY FOR NORMAL/DRY SKIN WITH SOFT FLEX.  I got this gem of a foundation in the mail via after seeing it on MakeUp Alley.  It was rated higher than any professional makeup such as Mac foundations and other leading liquid makeups.  It feels fantastic on my face and it covers a multitude of flaws.  It's also oil free, so it won't clog your pores.  It literally melts into your face and stays on all day.  I paid $11.69 for this

#2:  THE BEST DRUGSTORE BRONZER IS PHYSICIANS FORMULA BRONZER PYRAMID IN BAKED TAN.  It's your basic bronzer... and, at $11.95, you can feel confident knowing there are none of those annoying sparklies in it like some of those other bronzers on the market today.  You can use it dry for a light dusting of color, or wet for an "exotic" look.  I choose not to go exotic, seeing as how it's barely 0 degrees here in Pittsburgh and most people would look at me sideways if I walked into work looking Jamaican. 

Happy Primping, Ladies! :-)

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