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Friday, January 9, 2009


This is not new. I wrote it right before Reagan turned one last July...but finding and reading was like I had never seen it before. Funny how things pop up when you need them the most!

I got bit by a little inspirational bug this morning to sit down and jot down some thoughts.

One can't help but get a little nostalgic when looking back over the last year and remembering all the things that have gone right in life. The Universe is a powerful thing, and we never know what is really going on until we look back on life and play a connect the dot game. When I take time to sit and reflect on life as far back as I can remember I can see where everything had it's time and place and if one thing had been a little "off'", I may not be where I am today.

Everyone always says live each day like it's your last. Well, I disagree. I live each day like it's the first. I take joy in every little thing that comes my way. When my eyes pop open in the morning I look forward to seeing what great things happen that day and I treat each experience, even if I've had it before, like it's the first and only time it will happen.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional and happiness is an inside job. Today I am proud to say that the happiness I have inside is self-made. No person, place or thing could ever bring as much joy as I can bring myself.

How fortunate I am to wake up in the morning, say a little prayer and end up in a room-full of miracles each night. Whether I am with family, friends or just by myself. I am surrounded by miracles on a daily basis, we all are. It is just fine tuning our capability to become aware of such things.

I am proud to be me. Just being myself never seemed to be good enough. I always thought there was something missing. I was always running, feeling like something was chasing me, or I was running trying to find something else. The second I stopped running I found that what was chasing me was happiness and what I was looking for was inside me all along.

I have become the kind of person that people enjoy being around. I am a good mother, wife, daughter and friend. As I celebrate, what has turned out to be the best year of my life this coming Friday, I will also remember where I came from and who has helped me along the way.

Life will never be perfect, but it can ALWAYS be good!

1 comment:

laraine said...

The very best of the best, Aislyn!
We all need to live by these words--eloquent and a writing style that's a true gift. Yes, you are blessed. MomD