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Saturday, January 24, 2009


What you are about to read is a not so exaggerated experience that my friend MC and I had the other evening....enjoy!

It was a cold, ominous night in the small town of Tavernier. Aislyn had ventured out into the arctic weather in search of some hot coffee and twelve steps. Upon arriving at the location designated for such an event, the parking lot was eerily vacant. After waiting a few minutes for more people to show, she got back into her car, baffled and not knowing quite what to do. She looked at her phone to see the time and noticed that someone had called. MC had been in search of the same thing but after Aislyn told her the unusual news, MC settled for meeting for a cheese sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich.

They picked a local joint called "Craig's". Aislyn had never been there but MC assured her that the food was good and the service was better. Walking in the door, the two were overcome with a distinct smell of old fry grease that had seen it's share of dead fish. Once seated, the two ordered. Aislyn...a HOT chocolate and MC...a grilled cheese sandwich with a request for raw onions ON THE SIDE. The hot chocolate...anything but hot. The grilled cheese, less than cheesy. The side of raw onion...a whole onion died for the sake of MC's sandwich.

Sending back the sandwich, the two had some faith that it would return with less onion and more cheese. Their faith died, much like the onion, when the sandwich returned with another layer of cheese and yet MORE onion. Refusing to send it back a second time, MC took a deep breath, dissected the sandwich and ate. Aislyn looked on in what can only be described as total shock. (lol...sorry) By this time the scent of french-fried fish has expanded to beer-soaked ashtray with a fried fish floater. As if the horrible sandwich and oblivious server had not turned their stomachs...this scent, this odor sealed the deal.

Somehow finding humor in the whole situation, the two finished off their respective disasters and headed for the door. The cool, crisp air was refreshing. Their clothes...not so much. Aislyn thanked MC for the awesome experience and they each drove away.

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