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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Not only am I in love with a republican, I'm in love with a hockey player too.

He, of course, would get slightly pissy and tell you that he's "not a hockey player," but this is how our entire hometown community and graduating class would describe him... and this how he'll probably always be remembered.

At age 7 or 8, my fiance' had begun training aggressively to become the best hockey player he could be. As he grew, he only got better... playing on travel teams for many months in high school and competing in championships around the nation. By college, he was spotted by international scouts and planned to play overseas to Sweden, (then subsequently, in the NHL), before a series of head injuries took him out of the game - for good - in 2002.

Although he'll still play here and there in adult leagues and the odd alumni game, the boy still has chops... and man... can he skate.

On one of our first dates, I asked him if he was a good skater... but he wasn't cocky about it - he just simply stated, "To tell you the truth - I can probably skate better than I can walk." (I know that does sound cocky, but trust me, he was straight-shootin')

The first winter after we started dating, I wanted to test his skills... so he took me to a local ice rink on one of those "all skate" nights. Since I can barely stand up on those stupid slivers of metal, he told me to wait by the wall so he could do a lap. My jaw completely dropped to the floor (er, ice) when I saw him whip around the rink like he was on rails. He was SO GRACEFUL on those skates! All I could think of was, "Wow - where did THAT come from?" I was so impressed.

Besides the fact that he's a good, hardworking, honest man - I absolutely LOVE seeing him on the ice. I know that sounds superficial, but it's one of the most attractive things about him... and something that I don't get to see everyday.

Oh, and for the record - as we were walking out of the rink that night, he tripped - twice - over his own feet.


Told you he was a straight-shooter.

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