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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lately I've been noticing... people don't really disco point anymore. And if they do, they laugh while they're doing it. They mock the disco point!

This, friends, makes me very angry. Disco pointing, after all, was not made to be funny. It's a hardcore dance move that must be executed properly. Bent elbows and limp spaghetti arms need not apply!

I mean, just look at Johnny T's face. Now that's a man who is serious about his disco point. Take cues from him and work off that. After your point is perfected, do not be afraid to showcase your learnin's:

saturday night fever Pictures, Images and Photos

If you're interested in seeing disco points from around the world, I suggest you visit this website. Hustle on over here.

I believe we would solve a host of planetary problems if our world leaders would just stand up and disco point side by side.

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