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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Quite frankly I am pissed off. My grandmother has been given five months to live by her doctors. On top of that, her medicaid will not pay for her stay at the Nursing Home she has been in anymore.

So, you are telling me that if you go to school for eight years, that gives you some sort of sixth sense about when people are going to die? I have never understood why people are given a certain amount of time to live. I get that family and friends like to have an idea of how much time they have left with their loved ones but come on now. For some asshole with the initials M.D. at the end of their name to be given the power to seal someones fate is incomprehensible to me. They base these "diagnosis'" on past cases. Well, cases might be similar but people aren't just "cases", they are someones mother, daughter, friend, grandmother etc...

I have learned through life experience, let me repeat, LIFE EXPERIENCE, that our time is not our own. The man upstairs, downstairs, in the forest, in the clouds, whatever your religious, or lack of, suggests, is the only one who determines when our time here on earth is done. Who do these people think they are? GOD? Throw all that book learnin' you've done out the window and just let people enjoy their last days without them thinking of the exact day they will die.

Secondly, the health care system in this country blows chunks. If you don't make enough money, or make enough money than you are screwed. Why should someone have to worry about how they will be taken care of? Don't we have some sort of responsibility to the people of this country to take care of and care for them in health crisis? People in insurance companies claw their way to the top and leave the American people behind fending for themselves.

If you've never watched "SICKO", the documentary by Michael Moore, than I suggest you do. You will want to vomit and move to Canada all in the same minute.

That is my rant for the day.

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