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Monday, October 13, 2008


...I see them all the time and they don't even know they are being stupid.

HA! (my little take on the sixth sense)

I love hearing people talk about politics, giving their two cents on how they "want" things to be. How they "wish" things were different...

I know you've all heard that saying: "Want in one hand and shit in the other...and see which one fills up first."

If you want change, then you have to take charge and do something about it. If you aren't registered to vote, well, then, you really don't have much of a say anymore do you? Registration for voting ended on Oct. 4 and now it is up to the rest of us Americans to decide your fate for you. Pretty scary when you think about it. Especially if the things you "wanted" get thrown out the window by the candidate who is elected an opposes your issues.

I hope this election turns out to be a lesson to those people who "really don't care" or "don't know enough about the candidates". People are starving, losing their retirement, getting turned down for health care and you "don't know enough". Well, if you have time to google some trendy diet or the scores for some NFL game, then you have time to learn about the candidates. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to think about issues that matter to you then determine which candidate will stand up for those issues.

I may not be knocking on doors or standing in the street holding signs but I am registered to vote and my vote will count come next month. I have educated myself on the issues that matter to me and have come to a decision on who I will vote for.

If you aren't registered...why don't you go out and do that when this election is over so maybe next time you can help the rest of us shape this country into something we can always be proud of....

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