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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I woke up today with a sore knee.

I'm not even joking - I can't put pressure on my left leg because the upper right part of my knee feels like it's sprained.

Seriously, how does one eff up sleeping?
I mean, all I did was lay there, close my eyes, then wake up.

...or did I?

Here are some possible reasons for my discomfort:

- Sleep-kick-boxed with Jackie Chan

jackie chan Pictures, Images and Photos

- Sleep-danced the hustle, (which I probably could do in my sleep since I'm so awesome at it).

AF Disco Queen Pictures, Images and Photos

- Did an 8 hour imitation of Ralph Macchio's crane kick from the Karate Kid - while asleep of course.

crane kick Pictures, Images and Photos

Or... I suppose this nocturnal knee destruction could just mean I'm, you know, getting old.

sleep Pictures, Images and Photos

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