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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am gearing up to start potty training Reagan in the coming months. It will be a great day in this house when diapers are no longer needed.

My question for the readers is when do you think it is a good time to start. I know what I've read, but yesterday I was shocked to hear that a boy in her playgroup is diaperless already. He is younger than Reagan and apparently they started the training process when he was four months old.

Does that seem ridiculous to anyone else? I didn't think children could even recognize the urge to go until they were around 16 months. Reagan says "poop" when she is pooping but at four months.....

Or maybe I was just lazy and didn't even want to think about that whole thing until now. Another thing...people have been asking me if I've been doing sign language with Reagan? Uh...she's not deaf! I guess it is a new age way of communication between parent and child before they develop speech skills. There are a lot of mothers I encounter that are doing this.

Maybe I'm old school but I just let Reagan develop on her own. I don't force her to do anything and I think she is advancing just fine. She may not be able to sign but white girl can dance, talk and identify more than most....

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