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Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's official. The Florida Keys are under a Tropical Storm watch. "Fay" is headed our way. They have ordered all tourists to evacuate which means total chaos. Everyone with a hangover is on the road fumble-farting their way out of town. It's just great!

You would think we are under attack. A state of emergency has been issued. National Guard is in place. Coast guard, EMS, local, state and Border Patrol officials ready and waiting.

I know it is all precautionary measures but it just sounds obnoxious.

So I will keep you updated and whip out the camera so I can take photos to share. If I should happen to lose the internet....well, that will be the real tragedy. Nothing more annoying than not having any contact with the outside world. No TV, cell phone (after the battery dies), computer etc...

To track the storm and wonder what's going on here at ground zero, click here

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