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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I admit it - I listen to Christian talk radio on a daily basis. And I must say, I enjoy it a whole heck-a-vuh lot more than you'd expect.

Although I don't agree with all the perspectives I hear, I do take nuggets of wisdom from the occasional Focus on the Family program and other Christian-based talk shows.

As a person who is both liberal and Christian, this station is at times difficult to listen to... mainly because so many Christians are so far right, and clearly, their opinions are biased. However, last night was one of those nights I stayed in my car an extra 20 minutes in the grocery store parking lot until the show was over.

Around 5pm, the jocks had this fellow call in to the station who went by the name of Os Guinness. No, he's not a brewmaster... he's actually quite an articulate British speaker/author. He recently wrote a book entitled "The Case for Civility." It's about finding common ground between the Christian (and non-Christian) right and left before the upcoming elections.

What got me hooked, you're wondering?

When Os said, "Fox News is 'fair and balanced?' That's baloney..."

I give this Christian station a lot of credit for putting an unbiased book like Mr. Guiness' on the air. It shows that right and left are slowly opening their minds to new ideas - and that's great news.

I intend to buy this book to see what I can do to help create greater peace within our nation!

If you'd like to do the same, learn more about Os here.

Then purchase "The Case for Civility" here.

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