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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I previously wrote how I have a completely platonic fascination with Matt Lauer. Upon further investigation (TV watching), I realized the obsession may extend beyond NBC.

1. William Peterson from CSI - He can process my DNA anytime.

2. Ben Bailey from Cash Cab - I love a man that can get me where I need to go while testing my intelligence.

3. Josh Gates from Destination Truth. Traveling the world looking to prove that there is something out there. Right up my alley.

4. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters. EVP's and EMF's? Let's "go dark" and hunt some Caspers fellas.

5. Ron White (comedian). I don't know. He's loud and vulgar and drinks like a fish. That must appeal to my former self.

That's just a few of the other completely random platonic crushes I have.

*My fascination with celebrity-types could also stem from a desire to escape reality on a daily basis by becoming infatuated with people who seemingly lead more exciting lives than I do at this particular moment.*

(I think that's a whole other blog?)

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