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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ever since my fiance' moved into my house, my bedroom closet hasn't stopped looking like it's thrown up on itself.

But thanks to this handy thing, my sanity has been saved! And it was only 10 bucks!

I also bought a shoe rack and removable hooks to hang towels on in the bathroom.

Here's a website I found that might help me in future organization endeavors: CLICK ME!

Nothin' like a little organization to welcome the fall season.

Move over burritos... there's a new sheriff in town - and his name is Tidy McNeatfreak.

1 comment:

netta said...

i used to have that same exact thing, and now i've discovered something else that i got at big lots. i've searched the internet trying to find a picture of it or figure out the actual correct name of it ... but i can't find anything close to what i've bought. it screws into the wall, and it lets you hang multiple things on it, and then you can hang the other end of it from an existing coat rack if you'd like when you're trying to find something on it.

anyway - convoluted comment, but if you have a big lots, i recommend scouting these guys out. because it saves even MORE space than those dudes you have!