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Monday, August 4, 2008


I think I've mentioned before (more than once) that living in a tourist trap can have it's downfalls. For example: I am driving South on the only major road in the Keys and there is a point where the road is divided by woods so it's two lanes going South and two lanes going North, but divided.

You understand?

Alright. Well, Saturday evening I am driving South and there happens to be a hotel on the right hand side of the road and if you come out of the hotel, you can only turn right because the North and South bound lanes are divided by trees. Just to make sure you don't make some fatal error and turn left, there is a HUGE one way sign pointing to the right.

So I'm cruisin' along, blasting some Earth, Wind and Fire and there it is, I can see it happening. A car makes a left out of the hotel and is now in my lane headed straight for me. It would almost be understandable if you looked left, than looked right and didn't see anything coming. But to look left and see a steady stream of traffic and still make the decision to turn left that baffles me.

Now I'm not one to panic. I slowly pressed on the breaks and watched this car skid into the median. As I passed I could clearly see that everyone in the car, including the driver were smiling at their mistake. SMILING? It what country is it funny to almost cause mass chaos?

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