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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I will be traveling to my homeland next week (Pittsburgh, PA). I always have this issue with over packing and now that I pack for my daughter as well, space in the suitcase is lacking.

While cruising the isles of Kmart today looking for a duffel bag the size of Texas, I came across those space saver bags. You know, the ones where you suck the air out for "space saving" storage.

The light bulb, that sometimes flickers a few times, went off in my head.

"Hey", I said to Reagan, "what if I put our clothes in these bags to save space in the suitcase?" She gave me the "you have three heads look" but I knew it was a genius thought. So I snatched those suckers up and let me tell you. I have sucked the life out of those bags that were filled with our clothes and I still have plenty of room for stuff.

I'm pretty proud of my discovery, although I'm sure I'm not the first to do this. I'm just glad I finally caught on.

That's not me...but it shows the awesome power of the space saver.

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