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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I don't know if you got a chance to watch the speech Senator Ted Kennedy gave last night at the Democratic National Convention. If you didn't than click here.

This is so much bigger than Democrat and Republican. When he walked out on stage it brought a tear to my eye. Surpassing all odds, this man who underwent surgery not too long ago for brain cancer, displays a will to live that is more than admirable. He had the strength and courage to stand and speak for something that he believes in despite his physical condition.

I always look for people who display the kind of characteristics that I would like to have, and he is one of them. The Kennedys have been such a force in this country for so long and nothing seems to ever get them down. Tragedy, death and illness, they cannot be stopped.

When it comes down to basic human nature, no matter what your political views are, this is a man, and a family, that deserves respect.

Watching him last night made me truly proud to be an American!

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