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Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm not an obsessive Olympic watcher, but I do find myself getting sucked in to events such as swimming and gymnastics. I about had a heart malfunction last night when one of our little gymnasts didn't hit her landing on the uneven bars.

So...if you like the Olympics, but not enough to sit around all day, not showering and feeling bad about how you don't exercise, than here is a link so you can be up to date on the medal counts.

Click this, only after you've done a perfect dismount off of your couch.

1 comment:

Laraine said...

Wow!! I too love animals; in particular dogs and horses (although bunnies, birds nesting, and other gifts of nature) will keep me amused and happy.
One of my fav movies -White Fang.
L's mom!