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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I try to write something everyday or at least find something entertaining to re-direct you to but today I feel blank. Not sure why? I am in a decent mood, the sun is shining and I woke up with a pulse (which is always a bonus).

I can't even find anything earth shattering in the news to report on. Just the usual Olympic coverage, police shootings and teenage girl running away with her sugar daddy.

Oh...I spoke too soon. Here ya go...clicky clicky

(let me know what you think of that story)

Ah...and here's another. Yesterday in Buffalo, NY, Tim Russert got his Way.

To read more about that story just point and click here.

I guess that's all for now. Rest assured, something ridiculous will happen to me in the coming days. Or hours.

1 comment:

netta said...

hey marie! thanks for droppin me a line at shapely p :)
i don't mind at all if you link to me! thank you!

i found you b/c i have a google search alert for "changed my life," and you popped up. i get the most interesting things that way.

i like your blog's layout with the links on the left - i'm going to do some work on figuring out how to get mine laid out that way. i haven't been able to spend much time on that part of my blog. but it's up next!

thanks again! :)