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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I've officially had enough of this Mother Nature chick. So...I am getting the heck out of the Keys for a week. My trip home, which was originally suppose to begin this coming Thursday was moved up (by me) to a Tuesday departure.

I need to be where I can see land at all times. Mountains, twists and turns in the road. A CITY for good God's sake. Civilization, where people say "yinz" and bleed black and gold. Yes...that is where I need to be. If you have no idea where I'm talking about, it's Pittsburgh, PA.

Marie and I will be reunited and perhaps we shall blog together. Like, a sitting next to each other blog. Oh what a lucky day that will be for you all! You have no clue what it's like when we reunite. I'm not ashamed to say I've pissed my pants a little from the laughter that takes place.

It is also our ten-year high school reunion next weekend. I have no comment at this time. We'll see how it goes and then I will give a full report upon my return to Hurricane Island.'s to you Gustav and Hanna. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get a few more days in the hometown.

Seriously...thanks. I was praying for a good excuse to spend a few more days there and here we are. No better excuse than threat of a natural disaster.

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