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Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's finally come. That time when our little corner of the country is in the "cone of uncertainty". That is such a load of crap. I realize that these storms basically have a mind of their own and to track them with complete and total accuracy is almost impossible. But to label a section of the country as being in some sort of area where they are uncertain of the fate of said section just causes panic.

Fay (the storms name) is suppose to arrive in South Florida on Monday or Tuesday. Whether it will be a hurricane by then has yet to be determined. All I know is that I will miss you all terribly if I have no internet. I've gotten quite accustomed to dumping my load on this blog everyday.

If you are also in this crap cone of uncertainty and have not yet prepared for the storm than click here for hurricane supply list. That list is put out by the National Hurricane Center so I assume it is what I should have.

3-day track courtesy of National Hurricane Center

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