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Monday, August 4, 2008


It's pretty obvious from previous posts that Aislyn and I are fairly left when it comes to politics and general world views. Although we're not practicing anarchists by any stretch of the imagination, we're definitely not the types who suffer from a social dominance disorder like some of those tighty-"righties" whom we sometimes tease mercilessly. Truth be told, it's not that we don't understand the republicans - we get what they're saying - it's that we just don't agree with them about 99.9% of the time. The remaining .1% is invested into accepting the fact that they're entitled to their opinion(s).

After all, we kinda have to embrace our political differences. Aislyn and I are each madly in love with a right wing conservative.

See, Aislyn's husband and my future husband are both righter than right. No, I don't mean right as in "correct"... (although I'm sure they would love it if we said they were) I mean "more republican than a 2-ton pickup."

Sure, political views shape the way you view your country, your life, your beliefs and your government. But they also show you that not everyone's perfect, that there is gray area, and above all, it shows you how to compromise - which just happens to be paramount in marriage and relationships.

Although I don't agree with my soon-to-be-hubby's views, I can definitely respect them. And I think he respects mine too, even if he hates to admit it. As it states in this article, if a guy can be passionate about his political stance, he can surely be passionate about you.

I figure... Hey, if Arnold and Maria can do it, we have an honest shot.

Here's to 60 plus years of cancelling out each other's votes!

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